منطقة باشاك شهير

Basaksehir | Meet The New Istanbul

Istanbul Basaksehir area is considered the most attractive area for Arab and foreign investors, seeking a quiet and comfortable life in Turkey. Basaksehir | The city of wheat and natural life in Istanbul The region is distinguished by its distinctive location on the European side of the city of the two continents. In fact, it […]

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تعديلات قانون الجنسية التركية

Most important amendments to the Turkish Citizenship Law 2021

Aiming to regulate real estate transactions between foreigners, the General Directorate of Land Registry and Real Estate Survey in Turkey issued a statement regarding the amendments to the Turkish Citizenship Law, effective as of March 2021. The provisions of the executive regulations of Article G underwent few amendments. In reference to the Tabu Department clarification, […]

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الجواز التركي

Benefits of Turkish Passport for Investors

The Turkish passport is one of the global passports that grants its holders a number of advantages in many fields, especially on the commercial level. In other words, it facilitates launching business and traveling for its holder. In fact, the Turkish state has committed to important political and commercial agreements to facilitate investors’ business and […]

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التأمين في تركيا

Insurance in Turkey | Need to Know Types & Laws

The insurance sector in Turkey has many advantages that qualifies it to head the list of insurance systems in the world. In fact, it is categorized by having multiple types needed by both citizens as well as residents of Turkish territory, at all times. What are the types of insurance in Turkey? On Turkish territory, […]

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السكن في اسطنبول

Residing in European and Asian Istanbul | Top 10 Districts

Residing in Istanbul has distinctive advantages since it is considered the capital of beauty and nature. Indeed, this city attracts millions of tourists and investors every year. Moreover, it has become a convenient option for permanent residence for many foreigners, as it combines investment opportunities with charming history of older civilizations. Some areas in Istanbul […]

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Real Estate Sales in Turkey | 20k Properties by end of 2020

Real estate sales to foreigners in Turkey is significantly increasing at great rates. In fact, the Turkish real estate sector witnessed continuous growth during the last four months of 2020, reaching up to 20,000 properties. Real Estate Growth Rate in 2020 According to Anadolu Agency, the index of selling real estate in Turkey to foreigners […]

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السياحة الشتوية في تركيا

Winter Tourism in Turkey; A World of Fun and Entertainment

Winter tourism in Turkey is blooming more than ever, attracting more lovers of white nature, snow sports and cold climates year after year. Turkey has become more than a destination for investment, relocating, stability, study, or even traditional summer tourism.  Indeed, an unparalleled winter tourist destination, attracting large number of tourists with its ski resorts […]

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قطار تصدير

First Export Train Crossing Turkey to China in 12 Days!

The first export train has departed from Turkey to China, on Friday, December 4th, crossing two continents, Asia and Europe, two seas, Marmara and the Caspian. Furthermore, passing through five countries, namely Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China. This train contains 42 commercial containers of household electrical appliances. It is expected that the cargo will be […]

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الإقامات في تركيا

?6 Types of Residence Permits in Turkey | How to Get

Residence permits in Turkey have become a necessity for most of new comers to Turkey, whether for living, tourism, study, work, or investment, etc. Place of Issuing Residence Permits in Turkey The Turkish government has provided 6 different categories of residence permits in Turkey. Henceforth, we will display the details of each, and the conditions […]

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