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Properties Gate Properties Gate provides several services that serve customers and help them make the right decision to buy or invest as follows:

Hotel Booking

  • The Properties Gate team will assist you in securing your hotel reservation, as well as advise if you wish to rent a car and also receive an airport reception if desired..
  • Identification of needs
  • A real estate investment and marketing team will sit with you and take all your needs and understand them, as well as make them to provide the best suggestions that will help you to identify your needs.
  • We provide numbers of interest to the client in terms of return on investment on the value of the property or the value of annual rent in addition to the urban development that will take place in each region.
  • Tour projects
  • The competent person will accompany you on a tour of the projects approved by you and provide a detailed explanation of the project and the surrounding area
  • Bid for each project you have visited.
  • Helping to make the right decision.
  • Legal services
  • In case there is a desire to have a real estate lawyer, we will provide legal counsel and personal expenses
  • If there is a desire to establish a company that we help you establish by recommending a specialized company
  • In case you wish to register the house with the property department we provide the right person to accompany you as well as provide the necessary advice for each step, at your own expense.
  • After-sales service
  • Properties Gate charges after sales services for the following fees:
    In the case of furnishing the real estate average furniture, 10% of the total bill is spent in exchange for translation services and furniture receipt and inspection
  • In the event of furnishing the property luxury furniture, 12% of the total bill is spent in exchange for translation services and receipt of furniture and inspection.
  • If Properties Properties resells the property, 3% of the property will be redeemed.
  • If Properties Gate manages the rental of the property, it will be agreed upon in accordance with the services provided

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